Jodhpur Flying Fox: India From a Different Perspective

Located at the Mehrangarh Fort, this flying fox is an absolute must if you are visiting Jodhpur. The course consists of 6 zip lines that take you on an unforgettable tour around the fort.


Jumping from a Moving Train in India

I watched to my right almost in slow motion as my friend mirrored my leap a few metres further down. The jump itself was admittedly impressive. It was the landing that could have used some work

Stranger Danger in India

One minute I was exploring Khajuraho’s Kamasutra temples, the next I was passing out in pools of my own vomit. I don’t know if it was the curry I made in my cooking class or the bread cooked directly on piles of burning cow shit, but whatever it was, it got me good.

10 strange foods to eat around the world (weird food is good food)

If the thought of eating the likes of black pudding or snails makes you queazy, you had better scroll through this list of strange food quickly! Backpackers’ stories of weird food they’ve eaten is like travel currency in hostels. And while you don’t want to be that guy who has always done something a little bit bigger or a little bit better than everyone else (you still want friends), it won’t hurt to contribute your own twisted tales.
 Time to brush up on your culinary knowledge and get munching!