10 strange foods to eat around the world (weird food is good food)

If the thought of eating the likes of black pudding or snails makes you queazy, you had better scroll through this list of strange food quickly! Backpackers’ stories of weird food they’ve eaten is like travel currency in hostels. And while you don’t want to be that guy who has always done something a little bit bigger or a little bit better than everyone else (you still want friends), it won’t hurt to contribute your own twisted tales.
 Time to brush up on your culinary knowledge and get munching!

1. Fried Tarantulas


Image source

The big question: to start with the juicy body or the crunchy legs? These bad boys can be found throughout Cambodia and will leave you with a tickling feeling in your throat for days!

2. Snake


Image source

Another Cambodian treasure (but found in an array of Asian countries), snake on a stick will give you a chance to rid yourself of your lifelong snake phobia (or maybe not, don’t hold me to this).

3. Crickets


Ever been kept awake by the sound of constant chirping? Well the Vietnamese eventually got sick of it. These little guys are actually pretty tasty once they’ve been fried up with a little bit of garlic and chilli. Nom nom.

4. Rocky Mountain Oysters (aka Sheep Testicles)


Image source

A classic go-to for a game show segment and a nice, wholesome meal for the weary traveller!  Americans sure do know how to throw a dinner party.

5. Fried guinea pig


Image source

You do you, Peru.

6. Balut (aka boiled duck egg with growing duckling)


Image source

Just pretend you’re eating a Kinder Surprise… with the toy still inside.  You can find this delicacy in street stalls throughout South East Asia and China.  Anyone keen on writing a ‘compare and contrast’ follow-up article on Balut establishments?

7. Dog


OK call me a hypocrite, but I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of a cooked puppy.  Woof woof…  😦

8. Kangaroo


Image source

Australians love kangaroos! They’re a beautiful addition to any national park, they look great on the national emblem and they taste fantastic on the BBQ. Nice.

9. Century Eggs


Image source

Unfortunately, they’re not actually 100 years old, but these eggs do look like they’ve seen some stuff in their time. I’m sure there’s some wisdom to gain from these overly ripened eggs.  What a treat!

10. Shikaro


Image source

So Japan is known for its sushi and the Japanese people are known to get a tiny bit wild at times, so what better way to celebrate this incredible place than with with some Shikaro sushi — otherwise known as codfish semen sacs wrapped in seaweed.

Bon appetit!


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