Jodhpur Flying Fox: India From a Different Perspective

I’m not usually one for organised activities, but this is an experience you need to have!

Located at the Mehrangarh Fort, this flying fox is an absolute must if you are visiting Jodhpur. The course consists of 6 zip lines that take you on an unforgettable tour around the fort.  You’ll also be zipping by sites where The Dark Knight Rises was filmed — it doesn’t get much more superhero than that!

Mehrangarh Fort itself offers spectacular views of the blue city and makes for a great day of exploring, but the views from the zip line are simply phenomenal.


The guides are completely professional and helpful and ensure that everybody is safe and comfortable. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet people and learn a little more about Jodhpur.  Make sure you bring your camera!

Tips when visiting:
> Try to book ahead online as it is cheaper and includes the ticket to the Mehrangarh Fort and gardens
>Book for the last possible tour of the day for perfect sunset views

Price: 1700 rupees for adults and 1500 rupees for children if booked online



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